Steamin’ Steve’s Smoked BBQ Ribs



  1. Clean ribs in cold water.
  2. Remove the membrane from the underside of the ribs. Insert a knife under the membrane, then using your fingers work a section loose and peel it away from the rib.
  3. Trim any excess fat from both sides of the rib.
  4. Apply Kosher salt to both sides of the ribs. Allow 1-2 hours for the salt to be absorbed.
  5. Liberally season both sides of the ribs with Steamin’ Steve’s Sweet Mesquite dry rub.
  6. Prepare smoker for indirect smoking utilizing the oak or apple wood of your choice. The target smoker temperature is 225 F.
  7. Place the seasoned ribs on smoker and close the lid. Leave in smoker for 2½-3 hours while holding at a temperature of 225 F.
  8. After 3 hours of smoking remove ribs from the smoker. Place the ribs in a pan and cover with foil. Allow the ribs to rest for at least 30 minutes.
  9. Wrap each slab tightly in aluminum foil creating an airtight seal. Return the ribs to the smoker and let the ribs braise for 45-60 minutes at 225 F.
  10. Remove the ribs from the smoker and place the foil seal ribs on a work surface
  11. Using tongs carefully remove the rib slab from the foil and place on cutting board.
  12. Brush the ribs with your choice of Steamin’ Steve’s Sweet Heat BBQ Sauces.
  13. Cut, serve, and enjoy!

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