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Kirk Olsen

Received the samples, placed an order, excellent product both the Original and the Hot!

Heidi Hembree

love, Love, LOVE this sauce!!!. All 3 are good, but the Hot is my favorite!

Jerald Dixon

This sauce, is THE Sauce!!! The spicy sweet combo is perfect for a BBQ sauce. The spice kick is sharp but doesn’t linger. Allowing you enjoy the sweet flavor mixed with your dish. I personally put this on just about everything. From poultry to glazing a salmon fillet. I’m a hunter, so i have BIG plans for this sauce this coming winter. Did someone say “Sweet Heat Deer jerky?”

Erica McGrady

Steamin Steve’s BBQ sauce is fantastic. Hands down the best I’ve ever had. I prefer the Original Sauce. Sweet Heat is the perfect description. It is sweet without being over bearing and has just a little bit of heat on the backend. Just enough to remind you that it’s there. If you like hot foods, go for the Hot sauce. I now use this sauce on everything. I’ll be buying the 1/2 Gallon bottles next time.

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Ryan Fresko

Would have never tried this sauce had they not posted free samples on Reddit. The Mild is actually exactly what I'm looking for. The flavor profile is exactly what I've wanted for glazing ribs. I wont have to waste time making sauce anymore. All three sauces are wonderful. The hot is hotter than the average “hot” BBQ sauce, which I like. The original has the flavor I've been looking for, and the mild is like mixing both. Just enough heat on the back end, but not overpowering.

Ebony N

I love the variety pack option. You get a lil bit of everything. I’ve identified my favorite sauce and it’s the HOT! I’ve never had another BBQ sauce like it.

I think next time my trio selection will be HOT, HOT, HOT! No matter what combo you choose, you’ll definitely need at least 3 bottles because 1 is not enough.

Al Buddah

I could always use more heat, but flavor over fire any day of the week. The sauce is just what I needed in my life. Stick to my ribs thick and tangy and delicious all rolled up in one. Got to tried some if you have not. Award winner for the Best BBQ Sauce of 2019 on http://www.ILoveItSpicy.com!

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Paula Jones

This sauce is the best! We use it for everything! Burgers, Chicken, Pork, its absolutely delicious! Sweet and tangy, perfect, not vinegary at all. Sweet,sticky, tangy, delicious! My favorite by far!

Ridge Elmore

Hands down the best bbq sauce there is. Nothing else even compares.

Chris Harbaugh

This is the BEST!!! BBQ Sauce I’ve ever had!! It will be the ONLY!! BBQ sauce I will be using from now on!!