Hailing from Alcoa, TN

Steamin’ Steve’s, LLC is a family-owned and operated company offering quality, small-batched barbeque sauces, rubs and seasonings. Our story begins with our catering customers always requesting barbecue sauce or inquiring if we had one. Not a sauce man by nature, Steamin’ Steve knew he couldn’t rely on just any barbecue sauce for his dry rubbed ribs and smoked meats – it had to be his own. And so, the challenge was accepted. Using his creative cooking methods, and with nearly two decades of cooking experience behind him, he got to work. And soon, in our own family-kitchen, Steamin’ Steve’s Sweet Heat barbecue sauce was born. A little more tinkering lead to two additional flavors – Steamin’ Steve’s Mild and Hot.

By 2015, customers of the catering services, family and friends began requesting our signature sauces by the mason jar. In 2018, the desire to share our sauce with people continued, and to keep up with demand, we began to have our sauce manufactured in a small facility out of state. Today, we are proud to say that our family now manufactures our sweet and savory barbecue sauces just outside of our hometown in Unicoi, Tennessee. In 2019, we listened to our loyal customers again and added two of our signature rubs and seasonings, both of which pair perfectly with our barbecue sauces.

Throughout the year, you can find the Steamin’ Steve’s crew continuing to share our family barbecue products at butcher shops, markets, fishing shows and expos and participating in demos. We enjoy bringing our family barbecue products from our table to yours!